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P.O.BOX 20660,
Dar es Salaam,

Dar es Salaam,


Tel: 255-22-2118931



MeTL Group is a leading economic force in Tanzania with major investments and successful operating companies in all key business sectors. The Group employs more than 20,000 people across the country and has diverse interests in trading, agriculture, manufacturing, energy and petroleum, financial services, mobile telephony, infrastructure and real estate, transport and logistics and distribution.
The MeTL Group began as a small trading business and its growth is largely attributable to strong vision, experience, knowledge and skills derived from over forty years of experience in Tanzanias industrial and commercial sectors. Private industry in the country is a huge and positive force for growth and development and for realizing the benefits of globalization.
The MeTL Group plays a lead role in this endeavor and is in a unique position to offer assistance and advice to all those who wish to invest profitably in the future of Tanzania. Underpinning its success, the MeTL Group has carefully charted its course by defining a development plan that underpins its mission statement:
MeTL Group resolves to achieve a dominant presence in its core business areas, in an ethical and socially responsible manner, by manufacturing and supplying quality products and services that provide value-for-money to buyers and consumers at large.
Each of the Groups operations emanates from this all-encompassing mission statement: organizational change, innovation, corporate governance, business process re-engineering and sustainable development are each deeply interwoven into our operational tapestry.
We are also committed to a number of social activities geared towards the emancipation of disadvantaged and poverty-stricken people in the less developed regions of Tanzania. The Group supports several causes through the MeTL Foundation and our registered NGO, Singida Yetu.
Over the last four years, we have spent more than USD 2 million in developing schools, providing water supply interventions to create income generation, scholarships, invested in health care and enhanced sports programs. The MeTL Group is keenly focused on environmental protection initiatives, and, as a result, has developed a carbon credit program based around its bio-energy business, with partners in European high-carbon emission countries.
A visionary organization, the MeTL Group continues to pave the path to industrial development in Tanzania, by continually striving for excellence and ethically sound growth. Today we contribute two and a half percent of the GDP of the country and aim to be a USD one billion Group by 2015.


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