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P.O.Box 16578,
Dar es salaam,

Dar es salaam,


Tel: +255 786 88 77 66



Their vision is to be the most efficient and reliable distribution & manufacturing house in East & Central Africa.


Their mission is to reach the people through Their small outlets and agents spread countrywide with their affordable products, while offering quality entertainment & education through their products.

Steps entertainment believe in achievement and delivery, their core objectives are as outlined herein under,

Quality products & services
To provide the best and quality products to their clients through production of thirst quenching movies thus creating demand for more of their production.

Customer satisfaction
Conducting case studies of their production so as to conform to the customers? interest and consider their proposals in future production.

Fighting piracy
This is achieved through production of affordable products in VHS/DVD/VCD form thus leaving very little room of sourcing for pirated products.

Job creation
Through their state of art manufacturing plant and various film productions, film artists, film technician, machine technician, operators etc are able to earn a living and the same applies to distributors & their agents countrywide.

Rewarding Customer loyalty

Their customers stand a chance of winning several prizes through the raffle conducted with the purchase of any of their production. This is in a bid to appreciating their roles as customers and to help curb piracy. 

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