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Smoothie Factory


Sector: Food Products
Country: United States
Headquarters: 2811 McKinney Ave
Suite 354
Dallas, TX 75204

ABOUT Smoothie Factory

Company & Description

Smoothie Factory is an internationally-known smoothie and juice bar franchise with existing stores in the US, and international development throughout  China, India, and Vietnam through our founder James Villasana & SF Inc.  Smoothie Factory is a leader in today's growing $2 billion US Dollars juice and smoothie bar industry. Founded by an Olympic athlete James Villasana, Smoothie Factory meets the ever increasing demand for healthier options to traditional fast food. We believe in the simple concept of providing guests with reasonably priced smoothies, non-fat frozen yogurt, freshly squeezed juices and other healthy snacks served quickly in attractive, clean, pleasant surroundings every day.

Services & Products

Classic Smoothies
The Banana Smoothie
banana, rice milk, honey, vanilla, turbinado
The Classic Shake
choice of ice cream*, banana, rice milk, honey, vanilla
Factory Original
strawberries, banana, pineapple, mango, peaches, papaya, honey, turbinado
Mango Smoothie
mango, banana, coconut, honey, turbinado
Factory Classic
strawberries, banana, kiwi, papaya, honey, turbinado
Berrsy Smoothie
Strawberry Patch
strawberry, banana, honey, turbinado
Raspberry Dream
raspberry, banana, yogurt, rice milk, honey, turbinado
Blueberry Blast
blueberries, banana, yogurt, rice milk, honey, vanilla, turbinado
Very Berry
strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, yogurt, rice milk, honey, turbinado
Tropical Smoothies
Tropical Squeeze
strawberry, banana, pineapple, oranges, mango, papaya (juice), honey, turbinado
Piña Colada
banana, Pineapple, coconut, honey, turbinado
Island Delight
banana, pineapple, orange, honey, turbinado
Key Lime Splash
pineapple, oranges, lemon, lime, turbinado
Pineapple Passion
pineapple, oranges, mango, honey, turbinado
Protein Smoothies
After Work-Out Formula
strawberry, banana, mango, papaya, rice milk, honey, vanilla, whey protein turbinado
Peanut Butter Powerhouse
peanut butter, banana, rice milk, honey, whey protein, turbinado
strawberries, banana, papaya, liquid mct, almonds, honey, weight gain formula, turbinado
Meal Replacement
choice of fruit, strawberries, choice of meal replacement powder
The Bulk Upper
banana, choice of ice cream*, rice milk, weight gain formula, honey
Specialty Smoothies
banana, orange, rice milk, honey, vanilla, energizing formula, turbinado
Immune Booster
strawberries, banana, kiwi, rice milk, honey, immune formula, turbinado
Light Delight
strawberries, banana, rice milk, honey, vanilla, diet formula, turbinado
Yogurt Yahoo
choice of fruit, banana, yogurt, honey, vanilla, turbinado
Smoothie Boosts
  • Whey Protein
  • Weight Gain
  • Creatine
  • Glutamine
  • Antioxidant
  • Cleansing Blend
  • Fiber
  • Spirulina
  • Caffeine
  • Energy
  • Bee Pollen
  • Liquid Ginseng
  • Liquid B12
  • Men’s Health
  • Women’s Health
  • Immunity
  • Burn Factor
  • Diet Blend
  • Meal Replacement
Sweet Greens
Sweet Green Zing
Beauty and the Greens
Mega Vitality
Super Kiwi Apple
Sweet Beets
Beet Carrot
Beet Orange
Beet Apple Orange
Beet Apple Carrot
Roots & Fruits
24 Carrot Kale
Fred and Ginger
Citrus Beets
Simply Juice
Super Citrus
Easy Greens
Tropical Detox
Cool Pineapple Zen
Sweet Pineapple Greens
Power Ups
Sweet Kale Immunity
The Heart Beeter
Ginger Energy Spark
Spicy Cold Burner
Power Shots
Living Green (wheat grass)
Lemon Apple Beet
Lemon Apple Kale
Lemon Ginger Apple Kale


Smoothie Factory has opened over 70 locations in the US, along with international licenses in China, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Egypt, the Caribbean and the Russian Federation, and is a brand that has become recognised for excellence in service, product and value. Smoothie Factory's most impressive benefit, perhaps, is its desire to continually enhance its franchising system, interior design and image. The result has been a solid, unbroken track record of success, and a company poised for rapid expansion – an unparalleled blend of vision and product offerings, and a franchise opportunity that's just right for forward-thinking entrepreneurs

Historical Background

Founded in 1996 with an emphasis on owner-operator success, approximately 95% of all Smoothie Factory locations are operated by the owner. In 2013 Smoothie Holdings, LLC  was acquired by BRIX Holdings, LLC of Dallas, Texas, an experienced franchise operating company and parent company of Red Mango and RedBrick Pizza.  BRIX controls the Smoothie Factory franchising rights for the USA, Canada, Mexico, and South America.


At Smoothie Factory, were looking to team up with motivated, ambitious entrepreneurs who want to bring fresh, nutritious smoothies and juices as well as other healthy products to their communities


Smoothie Factory® is currently seeking motivated, independent entrepreneurs who want to open one or more juice and smoothie franchise locations in order to bring healthy choices to their guests. If you’re passionate about customer service and running a health-minded business that makes a positive impact on your community, we want to meet you


When you become a Smoothie Factory® franchisee, you may be going into business for yourself, but you’ll never be alone. Our franchising system is built on the principle that we can only be successful if our franchisees are successful, and it shows.
As a Smoothie Factory franchisee you’ll enjoy:
Comprehensive real estate site selection, store design, and construction management system
Two weeks of initial Smoothie Factory training (both classroom and on-site)
Ongoing operations support and quality assurance visits
Group purchasing power with major US vendors
Professional marketing support
Ongoing product and menu development

Experience Required:

Retail or restaurant experienced is preferred, but not required as our simple operating system is easily learned by individuals with reasonable business experience and the ability to build a strong team


The cost to open a Smoothie Factory juice and smoothie franchise will vary by location and format, and we have opportunities for both traditional and non-traditional stores. Smoothie Factory franchisees are required to have at least $200,000 net worth and $100,000 in liquid capital available for the project.





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