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Medifast Weight Control Centers. Post Franchise Opportunity

Medifast Weight Control Centers.


Sector: Healthcare Services
City: United States
Country: United States
Headquarters: 11445 Cronhill Dr.
Owings Mills, MD

ABOUT Medifast Weight Control Centers.

Services & Products

Medifast Weight Control Center franchise interiorMedifast Weight Control Center franchise exterior


Medifast conveniently allows you to lose weight quickly, safely and more effectively than traditional weight loss plans, and we are committed to teaching you how to maintain your health long term. Medifast Weight Control Centers weight loss programs offer countless benefits to every one of their clients. Their concept is unique because they not only help you reach your goal weight, they provide the tools that will help you change your unhealthy habits and keep the weight off long-term. Their solid foundation is built upon numerous keys to success including proven products and programs for guaranteed results; one-on-one support and health monitoring and lifestyle counseling.


Medifast Weight Control Centers Franchise Opportunity.


Medifast is a publically traded company (NYSE:MED.) In 2011 it was ranked 12th by Forbes magazine in its annual list of "Best Small Companies," and in 2012 made the top 10 in this list. In 2011 Medifast was also ranked number five in Fortune magazine's "Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies."

Medifast is offering franchise opportunities in your neighborhood. Medifast Weight Control Centers currently has 123 corporate and franchised locations across the United States and is seeking motivated franchise owners. The programs offered at the Centers help improve the lives of many Americans through quick, effective weight loss, achieved through clinically proven meal replacements and programs, one-on-one counseling, behavior modification, and long-term support.
Medifast Weight Control Center franchise exteriorKey benefits in owning a Medifast Weight Control Center

  •     You offer an effective solution to those affected by the obesity epidemic--more than two-thirds of the U.S. population.
  •     You get a competitive franchise investment and a strong business model that works.
  •     You receive training and support to help you start up your business and run the day-to-day operations of your Center.


Medifast was developed by a physician and the brand has been recommended by more than 20,000 doctors since 1980. For more than 30 years our company has brought customers hope, health, and happiness through our safe, simple, medically formulated meal replacement products and programs. When you choose to franchise a Medifast Weight Control Center you get a powerful product at wholesale, along with the support to start up and operate a thriving business.
Training and support

Training and support are essential in operating a successful business, and Medifast is well equipped to assist you in start-up and efficient operation of your Center. With over 30 years of helping people get healthy through several different distribution channels, we are well equipped to providing tools and resources that help you grow a successful business and achieve your personal and professional goals. Training and support includes:

Medifast Weight Control Center franchise interiorReal estate

  •     Site selection assistance

Site development

  •     Site design services and support
  •     General development support

Comprehensive training program

  •     Onsite program and product training
  •     Weight-loss consultation training
  •     Sales training
  •     Two women talking, looking over a sheetCounselor training


  •     Grand opening support
  •     Purchasing and product ordering support
  •     Operational support tools


  •     Corporate branding marketing - corporate website, national TV, and national print
  •     Public relations support
  •     Best practices support in advertising and marketing, including print, radio, television, and local campaigns
  •     Lead management system
  •     Interactive content managed website for your local business
  •     Local search engine optimization and search engine management
  •     Social media resources and applications





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