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Core Catering Supplies Post Franchise Opportunity

Core Catering Supplies


Sector: Travel, Food and Entertainment Services
Country: South Africa
Headquarters: 152 Sir Lowry Road, Buchanan Square.
South Africa

ABOUT Core Catering Supplies

Company & Description

Core Catering was established in 1998 and has since become a leading supplier of hardware to the hospitality industry in South Africa. With 15 franchises in all major centres of South Africa as well as neighbouring countries, Core Catering Supplies has ensured its leadership position as a national glassware, cutlery, crockery, kitchen smalls, equipment, uniform, and bar accessory supplier.
Core Catering Supplies has a large and diverse customer base, since its product offering serves as the foundation to all food service environments – from hotels, bars and restaurants to canteens, schools and hospitals. Core Catering adds value through comprehensive product knowledge, variety and highly competitive pricing.


To enter a growing market segment at a still affordable price with lots of growth potential. Franchisees previously engaged in the Hotel, Restaurant or similar industry will be able to rely on their extensive product and industry knowledge, yet enjoy the benefits of a more regular working time environment. The Hospitality Industry is at a turning point with a lot of opportunity. This will be recognized by many people and as always the market will react without delay. Those that become part of it early will undoubtedly be the ones to reap the bulk of the rewards.

Historical Background

Core Catering Supplies was founded in 1998 in Cape Town with the intention to service the rapidly growing South African Hospitality Industry with local as well as imported product such as Glassware, Cutlery, Crockery, Kitchenware, Uniforms and alike. The business expanded rapidly in the coming years, importing the vast majority of goods directly from manufacturers across the globe and selling to the trade through a network of own stores. Large stock holdings, fast service through a large sales force and highly competitive pricing due to bulk purchasing, quickly led to Core Catering Supplies become an established brand and household name. Over the years, Core Catering Supplies managed to secure the exclusive distribution rights for the world’s largest glass manufacturer “Libbey Glass” from the USA as well as various other main line suppliers, further enhancing Core’s position as a leading supplier to the trade.
In 2008 Core Catering decided that it would enhance the business model to change from wholly owned stores to owner operated Franchises, thereby growing the business without the trappings of exceeding stockholdings and ever increasing staff compliment, which ultimately would lead to a slow and less service orientated and productive enterprise.
The Hospitality is a continuously growing segment in the South African Industry and expectations after a successful hosting of the Soccer World Cup is, that Tourism will continue to reap the benefits of this event for many years to come (as it in fact it has been the case in all other previous hosting nations).


Core Catering Franchise


Core Catering offers entrepreneurs an exciting opportunity to become part of a franchise servicing the Hotel, Restaurant and Corporate sectors. Offering 15 years of experience, well-defined and accessible customers, the benefits of bulk buying and exclusive international brands, Core provides a low risk business model to entrepreneurs who understand the concept of value. We also have existing Core stores available for franchising, with audited financials and a client list just waiting for you to service


Application process
•    Initially enquire via phone or email
•    You will receive an application form and non-disclosure document
•    If approved, an interview will be set up and disclosure agreement issued
•    If successful, a memorandum agreement will need to be signed and initial franchise fee paid
•    Payment plan discussed
•    Site procurement begins
•    Signing of franchise agreement.

Please visit our website to see terms of Agreement

Experience Required:

For a potential Franchisee to be successful in their application, it is of utmost importance that their profile fits that of the Franchisor. For this the potential Franchisee should ideally have some hospitality background, be service orientated, be a owner/operator and have sufficient funds for the franchise purchase as well as working capital of about 30% of initial expenditure.
As the Franchisor does not materially benefit out of the initial Sale of a Franchise, but rather the successful future trading, it is imperative that the potentially Franchisee is well suited and sufficiently funded from the beginning.


The cost of a Franchise is obviously dependent on the size of Franchise operated and will include: Full Set Up, Training and Stock
Starting from R795 000 ex VAT with working capital in the region of R200 000.
Franchise Fees are based on Turnover and range from 5% - 6% depending on size plus a Marketing fee.
Financing can in certain circumstance be arranged, but the prospective Franchisee will need to have no less than 50% available in cash and acceptable security for the balance.

So don’t delay, become part of a strong Franchise Group with a proven track record today


10% of set-up cost


R795 000 to R1,5 million (incl stock)

Net Worth:

R795 000 to R1,5 million (incl stock)

Full Name

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